The AllergiSense Project

The AllergiSense Project is a collaborative research initiative that aims to contribute new insights and new technology designs for the benefit of individuals and careers living with anaphylaxis.

About Anaphylaxis: Anaphylaxis is a potentially life-threatening allergic condition whose prevalence, like those of other allergic conditions, has very significantly increased in recent years. Allergy services worldwide have been unable to keep up with the increase in demand and the impact of anaphylaxis on quality of life significantly affects both the individual and their family members.

About the AllergiSense Project: AllergiSense originally began as a proof-of-concept PhD project. The results were published with collaborating clinicians in Evaluation of AllergiSense Smartphone Tools for Adrenaline Injection Training, IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics, Hernandez-Munoz, L.U., Woolley, S.I., Luyt, D., Stiefel, G., Kirk, K., Makwana, N., Melchior, C., Dawson, T.C., Wong, G., Collins, T. and Diwakar, L., 21(1), 2017, pp.272-282. (Full text)

Today, AllergiSense is a strong network of academic and clinical collaborators with expertise in computer science, electronic engineering, health informatics, education technology and clinical immunology. New collaborative AllergiSense project proposals have the ambition to

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