Replicating the Voynich Manuscript

The Text

The text on this website is available as a resource for other researchers into the Voynich manuscript. Some points worth mentioning are as follows.

The text produced using this method is structurally similar to Voynichese, but is not identical to Voynichese. For example, there are restrictions on which character sequences can occur, but these are not the same as the restrictions in Voynichese.

This method is easier to implement manually than as software. The manual version is designed to include the following features:

• Identical and near-identical words occurring in close proximity
• Few instances of pairs or sequences of words co-occurring
• Restrictions on permissible sequences of characters
• The line as a discrete unit of text
• Some characters which occur only at particular places in a line
• Average word length decreasing from left to right in a line
• Different “dialects” for different sections of the manuscript
• Linguistically different “labels”

This work has been extended by Laura Aylward. Further information is available in Emergent Properties in Text Generation Using Tables and Grilles

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