Replicating the Voynich Manuscript


The Voynich manuscript has been described as the most mysterious manuscript in the world. It is a handwritten book of some 250 pages, written in a unique script, lavishly illustrated with strange pictures. It was bought by Rudolph II of Bohemia in 1586, and has remained undeciphered ever since. There are serious problems with all the explanations for the A sample of the pagesmanuscript. Its text contains features found in no known language: for instance, its commonest words may be repeated two or three times in succession. Its text also contains complex, subtle regularities which appear beyond the scope of any ancient hoaxer, so the only likely explanation remaining was that the manuscript was in a code. However, the world’s greatest code-breakers have failed to decipher the manuscript, or even to identify a way in which it could have been encoded.

This site contains results from using sixteenth century techniques to reproduce the manuscript. These results appear to contain the same unusual features as the language of the manuscript, suggesting that the solution may at last have been found.

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