Recurrent flow analysis


This page includes some supplementary movies and figures to accompany research with Rich Kerswell on periodic orbits embedded in chaotic flows.

Details on the dynamical systems approach to turbulence be found in our paper (and references therein):

Recurrent flow analysis in spatiotemporally chaotic 2-dimensional Kolmogorov flow,
Lucas & Kerswell 2015, Phs. Fluids. 27, 045106

(arXiv preprint here).




Movies showing the evolution for vorticity for 2D Kolmogorov flow on the periodic torus.


These correspond to the recurrent flows extracted from transient ‘P1’ chaos at Re=30.


For further details on these spatiotemporal states please see our first paper and movies here

We plot the transient chaos and closed orbits projected onto the plane (I-D)-vs-D where I is energy input and D dissipation. Grey colours show the p.d.f. of the DNS ensemble and colours the converged recurrent flows.