Finite-time blow-up

This page includes some supplementary moviesĀ  to accompany our work on a family of “2.5D” symmetry plane models of 3D Euler flows, assessing finite-time blow-up using pseudospectral simulations and a mapping to regular systems (Bustamante 2011).

Results are contained in our recent papers:

Symmetry-plane model of 3D Euler flows and mapping to regular systems to improve blowup assessment using numerical and analytical solutions.,
Mulungye, Lucas & Bustamante 2015, J. Fluid. Mech. 771 pp. 468- 502(arXiv preprint here)


Atypical late-time singular regimes accurately diagnosed in stagnation-point-type solutions of 3D Euler flows,
Mulungye, Lucas & Bustamante 2016, J. Fluid. Mech. 788. R3


Movies show vorticity and stretching rate evolution for lambda=-3/2:


and lambda=0 case: