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Computer Science

Single Honours Computer Science is a programme for students with an interest in the application of computing to a wide range of problems. Computer systems are now vital to business, government, science and society, and there is much demand for graduates with the professional understanding and practical skills to harness software and hardware technologies to solve real-world problems and develop the systems of the future. Many of the recent advances in these areas can be attributed to developments in computing, and this trend is likely to increase in speed and impact.

Both BSc Single- and BSc Dual-Honours Computer Science programmes are available. The Single Honours Programme enables students to devote their studies full-time to the tools, techniques and underpinning theories that make the science and technology so innovative and exciting. It provides the greatest breadth of learning in the subject, and has been developed to meet the accreditation requirements of the British Computer Society (BCS). The programme explores the theoretical underpinnings of the discipline and place an emphasis on practical computer programming and software development.

Introductory Notes

Introductory Notes Computer Science.pdf

First Semester Timetable

Every student will have an individual Timetable that they will be able to be access by logging on to the student portal found here

First Year Modules

Fundamentals of Computing
Programming I
Programming II
Information Systems and Interaction
Cyber Crime
Computer Animation and Multimedia

Course Leaflet

Computer Science Leaflet

Course Handbook

Computer Science

Tutor Contact Details

Module Tutor Name Tutor Contact Details
CSC-10024 Programming I James Borg Room: CR 04 Phone: 733415
CSC-10032 Information Systems and Interaction Nikki Holland Room: CR 109 Phone: 73253

CSC-10030 Programming II

CSC-10029 Fundamentals of Computing

Dr Charles Day Room: CR 38 Phone: 733411
CSC-10026 Computer Animation and Multimedia Dave Collins Room: CR 125 Phone: 733251



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