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Documentation for “quire1”, February 24, 2003.
The documents on this site are “copyleft” Gordon Rugg, Keele University.

The folder “quire1” contains a deliberately incomplete set of pages, to demonstrate the stages involved in the text production. Please note that the text includes anti-cryptographer features as an integral part of production.

The text was produced using the full manual version of February 2003. Please note that this text is not linguistically the same as “Voynichese”, though the two are similar. In particular, word frequencies and restrictions on co-occurrences are different.

The quire consists of four bifolios, each consisting of a sheet of A4 typing paper folded in two, producing four pages of A5 size. Each page is labelled with a folio number. The A5 size is slightly smaller than the VMS, and my handwriting is larger than that in the VMS, so the text here runs nearer to the margins than is the case with the VMS.

At time of writing, eight pages contained text. The remaining eight pages (the two inner bifolios) were numbered, and contained one word each in the top left of each page.

The eight pages with text do not contain illustrations at time of writing. This is to avoid possible distractions to analysts. The VMs was probably produced with the illustrations first, but it should be noted that producing text first is perfectly feasible; that it produces distinctive cramping in text at ends of lines; and that in practice it is slightly easier to produce the text first, since it is easier to fit illustrations to text than vice versa.

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