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Card Sorts

January 20th, 2006

Card sorts are useful for finding out how people categorise things, in their own words. The method works well in conjunction with laddering.

We have produced a short introductory article about card sorts to download (doc - 28kb). Further publications can be found in the Card Sorts Bibiography.

Papers and a thesis which used card sorts

Sanghera & Rugg
Using card sorts to elicit perceptions of risk (doc - 81kb)
This shows how you can use card sorts to investigate perceptions of quite abstract and/or complex things: in this case, the risks associated with various things that could happen on software development projects.

Hurd & Rugg
The Egyptians have a word for it. (pdf - 56kb)
A cross-cultural application of Web pages, to see what Egyptian respondents wanted from Web sites for learning English. Card sorts worked well cross-culturally, and didn’t require much proficiency in English from the respondents. The Egyptian respondents tended to sort the cards into more groups than most other respondents, which is consistent with the relevant predictions from Hofstede’s work on cross-cultural factors.

Andy Hurd’s Thesis
Using card sorts to elicit cross-cultural perceptions of web page quality: A study of students of English. (pdf - 1.44mb)



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