EASE 2011

15th International Conference on Evaluation and Assessment in Software Engineering

11th -12th April 2011


Please note, you can also download the programme as a PDF.

Time Sunday 10th April 2011

Drinks Reception, Holgate House, Grey College


Buffet, Holgate House, Grey College


Time Monday 11th April 2011
08:00-09:00 Registration



Keynote Address

Are we advancing the SE discipline with empirical studies?
Tore Dybå

10:30-11:00 Coffee

Session 1 - 'Secondary Studies 1'

Personality in Software Engineering: Preliminary Findings from a Systematic Literature Review
Fabio Queda Bueno da Silva, Shirley Cruz, Cleviton Monteiro, Pedro Santos & Isabella Rossilei

Adopting Software Product Lines: A Systematic Mapping Study
Jonastas Bastos, Paulo Neto, Eduardo Almeida and Silvio Meira

An Extended Systematic Review of Software Process Improvement in Small & Medium Web Companies
Muhammad Sulayman & Emelia Mendes

Linked Data Approach for Selection Process Automation in Systematic Reviews
Federico Tomassetti, Giuseppe Rizzo, Antonio Vetro’, Luca Ardito, Marco Torchiano & Maurizio Morisio

12:45-14:00 Lunch (Main Dining Room)

Session 2 - 'Methodology'

Comparative Analysis of Meta-Analysis Methods: When to use Which?
Oscar Dieste, Enrique Fernández, Ramón Garcia Martinez & Natalia Juristo

Repeatability of Systematic Literature Reviews
Barbara Kitchenham , Pearl Brereton, Zhi Li, David Budgen & Andrew Burn

An Empirical Assessment of a Systematic Search Process for Systematic Reviews
He Zhang, Muhammad Ali Babar, Xu Bai, Juan Li & Liguo Huang

15:30 - 16:00 Coffee

Session 3 - 'Primary Studies 1'

Using Background Colors to Support Program Comprehension in Software Product Lines
Janet Feigenspan, Michael Schulze, Maria Papendieck, Christian Kaestner, Raimund Dachselt, Veit Köppen & Mathias Frisch

On the Effectiveness of the UML Object Diagrams: A Replicated Experiment
Giuseppe Scanniello, Filippo Ricca & Marco Torchiano

Systematic Analysis of the Incremental Process as a Base for Comparison with the Agile Process
Seda Yilmaz & Ayca Tarhan

Software Engineering Researchers’ Attitudes on Case Studies and Experiments: An Exploratory Survey
Dan Tofan, Matthias Galster, Paris Avgeriou & Danny Weyns
19:00 Conference Dinner (Pennington Room)


Time Tuesday 12th April 2011

Keynote Address

Fishing for requirements in the wild: Using qualitative studies to elicit elusive quality requirements
Bashar Nuseibeh


Session 4: Measurement & Metrics

The Misuse of the NASA Metrics Data Sets for Automated Software Defect Prediction
David Gray, David Bowes, Neil Davey, Yi Sun and Bruce Christianson

10:45-11:15 Coffee

Session 5 - 'Primary Studies 2'

A Case Study on the Application of an Artefact-Based Requirements Engineering Approach
Daniel Méndez-Fernández, Klaus Lochmann, Birgit Penzenstadler & Stefan Wagner

An Empirical Evaluation of Requirement Engineering Techniques for Collaborative Systems
Miguel Teruel, Elena Navarro, Victor López-Jaquero, Francisco Montero & Pascual González

Designing Human Benchmark Experiments for Testing Software Agents
Robert Grant, David Deangelis, Dan Luu, Dewayne Perry & Kathy Ryall

Further Thoughts on Precision
David Gray, David Bowes, Neil Davey, Yi Sun and Bruce Christianson

12:45-13:45 Lunch (Main Dining Room)

Session 6 - 'Secondary Studies 2'

Systematic Literature Review: Teaching Novices Programming Using Robots
Louis Major, Theocharis Kyriacou & Pearl Brereton

An Empirical Validation of Findbugs Issues Related to Defects
Antonio Vetro’, Maurizio Morisio & Marco Torchiano

Motivation in Software Engineering: A Systematic Review Update
A César C. França, Tatiana B Gouveia, Pedro C. F. Santos, Celio A. Santana & Fabio Q. B. da Silva

Security at Software Architecture Level, A Systematic Mapping Study
Ali Arshad & Muhammad Usman


Closing session

15:40 Coffee and departure