EASE 2001 Programme

Monday April 9th
10.00 The Methodology of Surveys Dr Barbara Kitchenham
12.30  Lunch
13.30 Introduction and Welcome Stephen Linkman
13.45 Invited Lecture Dr Khalid El-Emam
15.15 Break
15.30-17.30 First Session
Experimental Comparison of The Comprehensibility of 
a Z Specification and its Implementation
Colin Snook
An Initial Experimental Assessment of the Dynamic 
Modelling in UML
Javier Dolado
A Targeted Assessment of the Software Measurement Process (Exp.) Michael Berry
18.30-19.30 Dinner in Keele Hall
Tuesday  April 10th
9.00 Panel Session on Guidelines for Empirical Studies
10.40 Break
11.00 Second session
 Can You Trust a Single Data-Source Exploratory 
Software Engineering Case-Study
Lars Bratthall
Evaluating the Use of an Electronic Messaging System in Business (exp.) Tom Jackson
Software Process Improvement and Knowledge Management: A Case Study (exp.) Judith Segal
Assessing Software Process Capability: A Case Study (exp). Ray Dawson
13.00 Lunch
14:00 Third Session
Using Heuristics to Assess Object-Orientated Design Quality Colin Kirsopp
An Empirical Investigation of Fault Seeding in Requirements 
Steve Counsell
15.30 Break 
15.45 Fourth Session
The Liminal Moment Moira Wells
Formal Process Definition: A Cure Worse than the Disease (exp.) Clive Rosen
A Framework for the Systematic Evaluation of Component Based
Web Engineering (exp.)
Adien Lopez
An Empirical Study on Identifying Fault Prone Function Blocks for the Large Telecommunication Switching System in the System Test Phase  Kapsu Kim
17.45 End of Session
18.30 Sherry Reception & entertainment
19.30 Conference Dinner
Wednesday  April 11th
9.00 Fifth session
Evaluation of a Perspective-Based Review Method 
Performed in an Industrial Setting
Thomas Berling
Confessions of an Empirical Researcher or What Some People Won't Do (exp) Tom Ostrand
Using a Requirements Matrix and Associated Graphs for Strategic Decision Making at Rolls Royce (exp) Mark de Chazal
10.30 Break
10.50 A Comparison of Length, Complexity & Functionality 
as Size Measures for Predicting Web Design & Authoring Effort
Emilia Mendes
11.30  Invited Lecture Dr Claes Wohlin
12.45  Close and Thanks Prof David Budgen
13.00 -14.00 Buffet Lunch
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