Preliminary EASE'99 Programme

Monday April 12th
10.00 Tutorial 1: Cognitive Dimensions of Information Artefacts, with application to Software Design Dr. Thomas Green,  University of Leeds
12.30  Lunch
13.30 Introduction and Welcome Prof. David Budgen 
13.45 Keynote lecture 1: Software Systems are not Bridges: Some delusions of software engineers Prof. Ian Sommerville, Lancaster University
14.45  Break
15.15 First Session
Dependability certification of software components J. Voas & J. Payne, Reliable Software Technologies 
A formative evaluation of information retrieval techniques applied to software catalogues Maurizio Pighin & Giorgio Brajnik, Universita di Udine 
Evaluating off-the-shelf software components: a repository selection case study Adel Taweel & Pearl Brereton, Keele University 
An evaluation of the business object approach to software development Manolis Tsagias, Sunsoft Co. & 
Barbara Kitchenham, Keele University
Tuesday  April 13th
9.00 Keynote lecture 2: Sobering up Empirical Software Engineering Research Prof. Chris Kemerer, University of Pittsburgh
10.00 Second session
Investigating principles of stakeholder evaluation in a modern IS development approach Patrick Barrow & Pam Mayhew, University of East Anglia
10.30  Break 
10.45 Third Session
Analysing process models quantitatively Keith Phalp & Martin Shepperd, Bournemouth University
Evaluation of code review methods through interviews and experimentation Martin Hoest, Lund University & Conny Johansson, Ericsson Software Technology AB
The role of comprehension in software inspection A. Dunsmore, M Roper & M Wood, University of Strathclyde
12.15 Lunch
13.30 Fourth Session
Evaluation of using capture/recapture methods on software review data Haken Petersson & Claes Wohlin, Lund University
Combining formal methods and empirical assessment: a study of software architecture Corin Gurr, University of Edinburgh
Experience papers
15.15 Break 
15.30 Experience papers
18.30 Sherry Reception & entertainment
19.30 Conference Dinner
Wednesday  April 14th
9.00 Fifth session
Robust estimations of fault content with capture/recapture and detection profile estimators Thomas Thelin & Per Runeson, Lund University
Experimental assessment of the effect of inheritance on the maintainability of object-oriented systems R Harrison, S Counsell & RNithi, University of Southampton
Coupling measures & change ripples in C++ application software George Wilkie, University of Ulster & 
Barbara Kitchenham, Keele University
10.30 Break
10.45 Keynote lecture 3: Albert Einstein and empirical software engineering Prof. Shari Lawrence Pfleeger, University of Maryland
11.45  Close and thanks
12.00  Lunch 
13.30 -16.00 Tutorial 2:  Application, in a variety of Industrial Environments, of an Evaluation-Based Approach to Quality The Valse team  - Stephano De Panfillis (Engineering), Stephen Linkman (Keele University) & Jorgen Boegh (Delta)