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TANGO Network


Thermoacoustic and Aeroacoustic Nonlinearities in Green combustors with Orifice structures

Combustion instabilities represent a serious problem for combustion-driven devices, such as gas turbine engines and domestic burners. These instabilities can cause intense pressure oscillations, which in turn causes excessive structural oscillations, fatigue and even catastrophic damage to combustor hardware. In recent years, the development of clean combustion systems with reduced pollution of the environment has become a priority; however, such systems are particularly prone to combustion instabilities. There is an urgent need to understand the physical processes that are responsible so that methods to predict and prevent these instabilities can be developed. The research in the TANGO network is intended to address these issues.

A Marie Curie Initial Training Network


Our Mission

To develop green combustion technologies and noise control methods in a gender-balanced, multi-disciplinary network with academic and industrial collaboration, while also training highly skilled scientists of the future.


Our Values

Team. Cutting-edge research in a friendly, collaborative and creative atmosphere

Environment. Development of green technologies for combustion and noise control

Portfolio. Scientific discoveries in thermoacoustics and aeroacoustics leading to innovations

Gender equality. Concern for gender issues, promoting positive role models

Publicity. Communication with the general public through dedicated science events and publications

Partnership. Cross-fertilisation in research between academic disciplines and industrial development

People. Educate young researchers to become well-rounded scientists with an analytic and an intuitive side

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